SportizTalks – A New Platform for Sports Lovers of Kolkata

Sports has the most uncanny power not only to strengthen our muscles but also to control our mind. A sports person has the mental advantage to use their mind to reach a goal beyond their sporting ground.

To understand the mystery behind how a sports person master their mind, Sportiz organized the very first SportizTalks – the only platform in Kolkata to bring together sports lovers and share stories of their achievements. A Mount Everest climber, two cyclists, and two marathon runners graced the event as speakers.

Nilendu Mukherjee

Nilendu Mukherjee, a banker by profession, took the stage first. From weighing 99 kilos, his strong determination drove him to become a marathon runner and thus shed every piece of extra fat from his body. Within 5 months from when he began, Nilendu successfully completed his first half marathon.

What matters most is mastering the mind and planning yourself to face everything”, said Nilendu as he explained the tough challenges he faced while he began. From muscle pain to injuries, he had it all. But, nothing could stop him from reaching his goal. All his joy today comes from running.

Lipika Biswas

Next to take the stage was a very inspiring woman – Lipika Biswas. A cyclist and mountain climber, Lipika traveled from Kolkata to Kanyakumari and then to Bangladesh on a bicycle. On a mission to empower women through adventure sports, she took part in a cycling event that engraved her name in the Guinness Book of World Records.

She is also a mountaineer and has climbed several peaks. “We cannot conquer the nature. By climbing a mountain, even the highest in the world, we only conquer ourselves, the goal that we set, not the mountain”, she added.

Anirban Acharya

Anirban Acharya, a cyclist, shared his awe-inspiring story of traveling through all the states of India on a cycle. His mission, surviving India, taught him to face odds of life as he paddled through various landscapes from mountains to desert, from deep dense forest to the sea. He stopped at villages and cities, spending nights at local homes, and spreading cancer awareness among the people.

I met many many people as I traveled. They speak different languages, have different cultures and food habit. Through my experience, all I tell is that 95% people are good and honest. It’s only about 5% who may be bad”, said Anirban.

Anjali Saraogi

Next on the stage was the very young Anjali Saraogi, the Marathon runner. She ran her first half Marathon at the age of 42. Although she started late, but she was never short of confidence and will to do more. She faced severe injuries that kept her away from the track for long. But, she hit back with enthusiasm and took part in several half marathons.

The body will achieve whatever the mind believes”, said Anjali, talking about the philosophy of her life.

Debabrata Mukherjee

The last speaker of the day was Debabrata Mukherjee, a mountaineer. Currently a trainer, Debabrata has the conquered several peaks around the globe, including the world’s highest, Mount Everest. Sharing his experiences, he said, he had faced many near death situations.

We climbers see death very closely. Shake hands with it, sleep with it, dream with it. Then when we wake up the next morning, we are a new person”, said Debarata.

Be it the stillness and calm of a mountain trail, or the crowded marathon tracks, sports gives us mental resilience, focus and a true sense of enjoyment.

The event ended on a positive note with a promise to bring more inspiring people together to share their stories.


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