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The idyllic Sunday evening came alive with Dignity Foundation’s Kolkata Chapter’s programme “Dignity Second Family”. Dignity Foundation, a community of senior citizens, are committed to changing the way society look at ageing, enabling its members to live an active life with dignity.

As the society grows fast, the value of elderly citizens goes down. They are often neglected by the younger family members leading to severe depression and several health issues.  People think that all an elderly person need to do is sit back and relax, detached from productive actions, isolated from the loved ones. While many may think 60 is the age of retirement from work, from social life, from all types of activities, Dignity Foundation re-instills elderly minds with productivity and confidence.

Mr. Amal Sarkar, News Editor, Ei Somoy, Dr. Dhiresh Chowdhury, Geriatrician, Mr. Sujoy Chanda, Jt. CP, Establishment, Kolkata Police, Dr. Kausik Majumdar, Geriatrician, Smt. Suparna Mitra, Chapter Head – Kolkata, Dignity Foundation, and a member of Dignity Foundation

An enjoyable cultural event for the members, by the members of Dignity Foundation’s Kolkata Chapter was organized on February 25, 2018 at Rotary Sadan. The programme began with a welcome note by Smt. Suparna Mitra, Chapter Head – Kolkata, followed by an informal discussion on “How senior citizens can live with more dignity”. Eminent dignitaries like Mr. Sujoy Chanda, Jt. CP, Establishment, Kolkata Police, Dr. Dhiresh Chowdhury, Geriatrician, Dr. Kausik Majumdar, Geriatrician and Mr. Amal Sarkar, News Editor, Ei Somoy graced the panel and shared their views on the topic.

Sponsored by Mr. Raghu Mody, Chairman, Hindustan Composite, the winners of “Manoj Modi Memorial Carom Competition” were felicitated on stage.

Salt Lake DF
Dignity Foundation – Salt Lake Centre
Behala DF
Dignity Foundation – Behala Centre
Baguihati DF
Dignity Foundation – Baguihati Centre
Dignity Foundation – Dhakuria Centre

Cultural programmes with a mix of recitation, songs and dance were performed by the members of the four centers of Kolkata Chapter – Behala, Salt Lake, Baguihati and Dhakuria. All the four performances were vividly diverse yet united with a very strong message of how Dignity Foundation has helped each one to find a new meaning to their life after 60.

From reciting Tagore to moving their feet with modern beats of Bollywood, the senior members of the foundation delightfully showcased a high energy and young spirit. For them age is just a number!

Few facts about Senior Citizens in India:

  • As per census 2014, more than 15 million elderly Indians live all alone and close to three-fourths of them are women
  • One in every seven elderly persons in India lives in a household where there is nobody below the age of 60
  • Of the nearly 250 million households in India, 31.3% have at least one elderly person

With the population of elderly persons, forced to stay alone, increasing substantially, social institutes like Dignity Foundation, play a major role in providing true meaning to their lives.

For Membership or Voluntary Support to Dignity Foundation:

our_logo.pngSuparna Mitra
Chapter Head – Kolkata
Dignity Foundation
99034 87310


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