Launch of BCI Kolkata Chapter in association with NASSCOM

Disasters, whether its natural, geo-political or a cyber attack, or simply a supply chain failure or losing a key employee, it always cause hindrance to a business. In order to avoid such disruptions and to deal with potential threats, every organization, whether big or small, must be ready with a “Business Continuity Plan”.

A Business Continuity Plan or BCP is a framework of plan that will help an organization to recognize the potential threats and deal with any undesirable situation to keep functioning under any circumstances.

36456042_10212080299743082_5036537246975524864_n.jpgTo get a better understanding of why BCP is absolute necessary for every organization, an event on “Business Continuity & Resilience through Relationships” was organized by NASSCOM Kolkata, supported by BCI India Chapter at Webel Manibhander in Salt Lake Sector V on 29th June. At the same event BCI or Business Continuity Institute launched its Kolkata Chapter, 7th Chapter in India. BCI has over 8000 members in more than 100 countries constituting a network of business continuity and resilience professional, thus keeping the world’s organizations on track, no matter what happens.

36380527_2086516131617434_6869776241214357504_n.jpgMr. Nirupam Chaudhuri, Regional Director East, NASSCOM, delivered the welcome address giving a brief overview of the topic.

1Chief Guests Mr. Debasish Sen, Additional Chief Secretary to the Government of West Bengal, IT Dept. & Chairman NDITA and Mr. R. Vaidhyanathan, BCI India Chapter President were felicitated with bouquets. Mr. Sen mentioned that Government plays a major role in managing crisis like natural disaster or geopolitical issues. He urged the corporates to collaborate with the government in handling such issues which will yield bigger and faster results. He further congratulated BCI for opening their Kolkata Chapter, the first one in Eastern India.

36336029_2086434224958958_4262801568660717568_nMr. Vaidhyanathan gave a simple solution to organizations by asking them to focus first more on things which they can control. He also mentioned that during the time of a crisis it is most important to communicate. This will boost confidence among the employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

36451504_2086435291625518_3038243398285787136_nThe keynote speaker, Mr. Vikrant Varshney, Chairman of BCI Hyderabad Forum and Member of BCI India Board, shared a larger picture about how business continuity and risk management plan help not just an organization to grow, but several others related to the organization. While explaining the adverse effect on an organization due to an unexpected disaster, Mr. Varshney mentioned, BCP or the lack of it have far-reaching effects. To make it work all the stakeholders of a business including directors, managers, strategic planners, employees, vendors, and suppliers, must come together to manage risk.

Mr. Varshney shared relevant examples from the past like Y2K bug, 9/11 attack, Tsunami, several earthquakes and cyclones across the globe, grid failure in india, agitation and protests like Occupy Wall Street etc., which had caused major issues to many businesses all over the world.

36305466_2086516268284087_2723264678779158528_nPanelists from HSBC, CTS, TCS, Capgemini and BCI shared their views on why is it important to be ready with a risk management plan in order “to deal with changing Risk Landscape (Natural calamities, Geo political scenario, Cyber security)”. The panel suggested that an organization first needs to identify the probable risks it might have to face, it should then analyse how much they can face, and then prepare a plan so that their business is not affected by the crisis they might have to face.

The event was attended by various IT professionals, and important dignitaries such as Mr. Atul Agarwal, Chairman NASSCOM Eastern Region Council, Mr. Aninda Chatterjee, Managing Director and Executive Director (Finance), WBEIDC, Mr. Swarup Roy, Advisor at DIT&E, Govt. of WB, Mr. Subhojit Ganguly, NASSCOM East, Mr. Aninda Das, Head Corp. Comm. Infinity Group & Sec. Salt Lake Sector V Stakeholder’s Association, Mr. Sanjoy Chatterjee, Dir. IDEAL Analytics, Mr. Sandeep Sengupta, MD, ISOAH Data Securities.  


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