TAD 2018, After Bangalore, Launched in Kolkata – Developing Ecosystems through Dialogues

Relationships matter. They create opportunities. And certainly, lead to a bigger network – which means a stronger ecosystem. But how do you start building your network? TAD gave an answer to just that.


The Advantage Talk (TAD), which aims at building an entrepreneurship ecosystem through exchanging dialogues, was launched in Kolkata on September 1, 2018 at Salt Lake Sector V.

Kolkata is the hottest entrepreneurial cities of Eastern India. Over the past decade the city has seen launch of several start-ups, some of which grew to become nationally and globally known brands.  TAD is an initiative to bring together such entrepreneurs to share their growth stories with a focused group of people, followed by an interactive session.

Paritosh Sharma, the founder of #Sava100Crore Network, gave a brief introduction of the initiative before inviting Ravi Ranjan, Entrepreneurship Evangelist, to share a few words.


“Kolkata is huge market with great potential”, said Ravi. He also mentioned that Tier II and Tier III cities are picking up pace and making fast moves with great innovation. “Startup Yatra Jharkhand Edition was huge success with more than 500 entrepreneurs registering in just 2 days”, he added.


The first session started with Paritosh asking some very relevant questions to Alok Patnia, CEO, Taxmantra and Miftaur Rahman, Co Founder & CFOO, WoW! Momo.

Miftaur shared interesting snippets about their growth story like how WoW Momo bootstrapped for 7 years to open 39 stores, employing over 200 people leading to a revenue of 20 crore, before they opted for a funding. “Currently we are present in 11 cities employing 1800 people.”

It was interesting to know the story of Taxmantra from Alok, and how he evolved with his customers. “We started spreading knowledge through blogs and videos and circulated it through social media. This worked as a recall factor, helping us to earn new customers”, shared Alok.


The next session was with Harshvardhan Kariwala, CEO, Vcomply.  He shared how the Vcomply dashboard aims to manage the Compliance backbone of a venture and how they became a global brand from India. “In order to succeed in a business you need to keep your team on the same page. If your team is not motivated, you as a company cannot succeed.”


The most interesting part of the initiative was the open house session where those in audience could interact with the panellists to get their doubts cleared. The panellists diligently answered every question asked.

Some of the entrepreneurs present at the event were Sarbajit Das, Founder & CEO, Sun Dew Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Priyankar Mukherjee, Managing Partner at CurvedPixel Technologies LLP and others.

Appreciating the initiative Aninda Das, Corporate Communications Head, Infinity Group, & Secretary, Salt Lake Sector V Stakeholders’ Association said, “Such focused group dialogues are although new in Kolkata, but very much is a need of the hour in the Kolkata ecosystem”.


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