Report Coverage is a result of a thought that came out of one evening’s brainstorm. We only have access to limited news that is shared by media house, and almost by all. But, there is a large section of important activities that take place around us every single day and are not reaching us. We thought its time we use our writing power to bring those stories to you. We started Report Coverage to bring you news about events, people, organizations, initiatives… that matter.

Get to Know Us:

Sumana Chakraborty 

She is a communication consultant for over 12 years now, specialized in managing social media, marketing, PR functions, and pre-sales to help various corporate programmes and CSR initiatives. She has voluntarily been a part of several community development and social initiatives for the cause of environment, education, sports, health and wellness etc. Her interest areas are community connect and Indian mythology.

Aninda Das 

With over 12 years of experience in information technology, corporate communications and business strategy, Aninda is currently Heading the Corporate Communications of Infinity Group. He is the secretary of Salt Lake Sector V Stakeholders’ Association ans is associated with different chambers of commerce like CII, Bengal Chamber of Commerce, ICC and CMA. Prior to this he was part of NASSCOM, Eastern Region.


Disclaimer: Thoughts projected are entirely personal and mention of any brand or person are not endorsements.

If you have an interesting piece of news/activity/initiative to share or want us to cover, please get in touch


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